Guitar mod 4.0 beta for todays show: (m)published 12 years ago

Happy 14th birthday, Anudu! Try to grow up some day! :-$  (m)published 12 years ago

Get your horses ready! October 27th! See the event: (m)published 12 years ago

Did anybody say the word "live"? Anybody saying "performance"? Did I hear "soon"? (m)published 12 years ago

Yes, we're still alive. (m)published 13 years ago

Time for Rock 'n Roll !!! (p)published 13 years ago

We're technically ready to record our first song of the new Anudu era! Technically. Now we just need a reason to start. (m)published 13 years ago

So stoked to have our rehearsal today including all five members of ANUDU. Rock 'n Roll! (p)published 13 years ago

Zap! (m)published 13 years ago

Another month, another 10 bucks in Patrick's wallet. Rehearsals became so expensive! Wonder what we'll buy... a real guitar for bass? (m)published 13 years ago

REHEARSAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Damn! Got to pay 30 bucks for the band's piggy bank. Only good thing is: the others too! :D (m)published 13 years ago

Heading to Cologne to pick up my new pickups! (e)published 14 years ago

Rehearsal today has to be cancelled... I've got a sore throat. Thank god we are professionals who don't need the practice. (p)published 14 years ago

Do you have a car too much? Give it to the drummer! Win a free t-shirt. (m)published 14 years ago

We used Drum-Bunny's vacation absence to disassemble his beloved drum set and polish its sound with hi-tech. He will hate it anyways... (m)published 14 years ago

After a summer with partial casts due to vacations, vhiskey and vandalism, the Anudu line-up will be complete at tomorrow's rehearsal! (m)published 14 years ago

Damn, just broke a string while practicing for our next rehearsal! (e)published 14 years ago

Worked on Spill Thrill. My first lyrics! Wohoo! (e)published 14 years ago

Happy Birthday guitar hero! Best wishes! (e)published 14 years ago

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, drum bunny! May the beat be with you! (m)published 14 years ago

The members of the band publish tiny bits of entertainment in this section. Keeps you updated!


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