Anudu Updates 2010

Heading to Cologne to pick up my new pickups! (e)2010-12-16

Rehearsal today has to be cancelled... I've got a sore throat. Thank god we are professionals who don't need the practice. (p)2010-12-11

Do you have a car too much? Give it to the drummer! Win a free t-shirt. (m)2010-11-27

We used Drum-Bunny's vacation absence to disassemble his beloved drum set and polish its sound with hi-tech. He will hate it anyways... (m)2010-09-20

After a summer with partial casts due to vacations, vhiskey and vandalism, the Anudu line-up will be complete at tomorrow's rehearsal! (m)2010-08-27

Damn, just broke a string while practicing for our next rehearsal! (e)2010-08-12

Worked on Spill Thrill. My first lyrics! Wohoo! (e)2010-08-07

Happy Birthday guitar hero! Best wishes! (e)2010-07-13

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, drum bunny! May the beat be with you! (m)2010-06-19

Wrote a short protest lay against BP and the oilspill. Let's see if it will be a country piece or death metal. The latter would fit. (m)2010-06-04

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the man at the bass guitar! He looks better every year! Awesome! (m)2010-06-01

Try to practice for our next rehearsal and watch Lost at the same time. Not a good idea, but I have no know what happens next... (e)2010-05-06

Dude! Broken and Grab Your Heart are creepy neat songs! Must rerecord them, together with Virus and other evergreens (like Heroes). Yay! (m)2010-04-26

We think about adding the Friday as a possible rehearsal day, in addition to Saturday. Damn obligations of adulthood! (m)2010-04-14

Wer 'n paar affenstarke Nacktvideos von mir haben will, der kann mir auch schreiben! (b)2010-04-03

We'll release a new R 'n B piece with Hip Hop influences and a sexy saxophon this evening. Along with a strip video of Drumbunny. Yay! (m)2010-04-01

Yes, drummers are freakin' freaks. They should be tortured all day! But last weeks cancellation was my fault! Got struck down somehow... (m)2010-03-22

It's Thursday night already and I still don't know if we can practice an Saturday. Are all dummers this effin' difficult?? (p)2010-03-18

Anudu playing now! Bass rulez! (d)2010-02-27

Digged deep in the archives and found gems of the glory days. Check out the new gallery at (m)2010-02-16

No rehearsal tomorrow. Erik is sick and Gambi is bending over for someone somewhere... (p)2010-02-05

Erik is suffering from the flu. Better not practice on saturday? Hope it will get better quickly... (e)2010-02-02

Rehearsal in T-60 minutes. Gotta heat up the room to reduce annoying teeth-rattling-noise. Gambal prefers eating McDonalds in the warm. (m)2010-01-23

I don't know if our alien drum bunny will be there... but the important thing is: Erik will be bringing beer! (p)2010-01-22

Will the alien drum bunny from outer space be at tomorrow's rehearsal? We are all watching eagerly. (m)2010-01-22

@Flyingarts1981 ANUDU is pronounced ['enju:du]. Thanks for following! (p)2010-01-19

News ┬┤bout E: (e)2010-01-16

Our next practice is on Saturday, January 23rd. We're gonna play old favourites and brand new stuff. Wanna come and watch? (p)2010-01-15

@Spookyverse don't forget about the next Anudu album! Gonna be a crusher! (m)2010-01-07

Yes, we're back. Hello again Anudu! That'll be some fun! :) (m)2010-01-04

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