Erik Froelian

The last 10 updates published by Erik:

Heading to Cologne to pick up my new pickups! (e)2010-12-16

Damn, just broke a string while practicing for our next rehearsal! (e)2010-08-12

Worked on Spill Thrill. My first lyrics! Wohoo! (e)2010-08-07

Happy Birthday guitar hero! Best wishes! (e)2010-07-13

Try to practice for our next rehearsal and watch Lost at the same time. Not a good idea, but I have no know what happens next... (e)2010-05-06

Erik is suffering from the flu. Better not practice on saturday? Hope it will get better quickly... (e)2010-02-02

News ┬┤bout E: (e)2010-01-16

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