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Guitar mod 4.0 beta for todays show: (m)2012-10-27

Happy 14th birthday, Anudu! Try to grow up some day! :-$  (m)2012-10-23

Get your horses ready! October 27th! See the event: (m)2012-10-08

Did anybody say the word "live"? Anybody saying "performance"? Did I hear "soon"? (m)2012-09-02

Yes, we're still alive. (m)2011-12-13

We're technically ready to record our first song of the new Anudu era! Technically. Now we just need a reason to start. (m)2011-05-15

Zap! (m)2011-03-31

Another month, another 10 bucks in Patrick's wallet. Rehearsals became so expensive! Wonder what we'll buy... a real guitar for bass? (m)2011-02-11

REHEARSAAAAAAAAAAAAAL! Damn! Got to pay 30 bucks for the band's piggy bank. Only good thing is: the others too! :D (m)2011-01-22

Do you have a car too much? Give it to the drummer! Win a free t-shirt. (m)2010-11-27

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