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Time for Rock 'n Roll !!! (p)2011-06-04

So stoked to have our rehearsal today including all five members of ANUDU. Rock 'n Roll! (p)2011-04-23

Rehearsal today has to be cancelled... I've got a sore throat. Thank god we are professionals who don't need the practice. (p)2010-12-11

It's Thursday night already and I still don't know if we can practice an Saturday. Are all dummers this effin' difficult?? (p)2010-03-18

No rehearsal tomorrow. Erik is sick and Gambi is bending over for someone somewhere... (p)2010-02-05

I don't know if our alien drum bunny will be there... but the important thing is: Erik will be bringing beer! (p)2010-01-22

@Flyingarts1981 ANUDU is pronounced ['enju:du]. Thanks for following! (p)2010-01-19

Our next practice is on Saturday, January 23rd. We're gonna play old favourites and brand new stuff. Wanna come and watch? (p)2010-01-15

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