Tuesday, December 24, 2002 merry christmas
It's been a busy year! And for this news section of, it's almost over! The band is enjoing the holidays and therefore, we don't expect much new stuff here. Let's have a look back and then say goodbye till the new year of 2003!

January: The production of the new album Rocktails was already in progress, at that time, still with Manuela and Sebastian.

February: Marco joined a side project. Which, by the way, went out great and was a lot of fun!

March: the song Grab Your Heart is born.

April: the song Paradise is born. Patrick joins Anudu and replaces Manuela at vocals.

May: the song Unexpected is born. Sebastian left Anudu. Instead returned Jens at the bass. Ionstorm-Studios get furnished.

June: Paradise is recorded!

July: Unexpected is recorded!

August: Grab Your Heart is recorded!

September: the song Broken is born.

October: has got it's second birthday. Production of Broken begins.

November: Virus is being produced.

December: Heroes and Lifeless are born.

It's been a busy year! At the moment, the ballad Broken waits to be finished. And additionally, the very new songs, but also the older songs (like Ionstorm, Tell Tale Heart, Baby Mine, etc.) will be produced within the next few months! All will gather at the Rocktails album, which you, dear visitor, may download completely free!

The band wishes everyone out there a great christmas time and a happy new year!!! Keep on rockin'!

And me too,

Jack Napier, Webmaster[at]

Friday, December 20, 2002 status update
Hey there!

Time to give justification! At the moment, most things are stuck in a way. But that's just for now! Maybe, cold weather makes the band slowly-acting!

But it's wrong to say, that nothing happens at all! Let's see! The new song, mentioned in last month's news section, got a name: 'Virus' It currently lasts about 5 minutes and is still growing.

Another song, called 'Heroes' found it's way into the Rocktails album. It sounds a bit like a hymn and will be the last track on the finished album!

And, in early production stages, another song is in progress. Lyrics are written by Patrick. More is not known by now.

The band will make a production marathon these days, maybe next month. So you may look forward to just some new songs! Next target is: Baby Mine!

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