Sunday, April 28, 2002 Manuela
After more than three years, vocalist Manuela left Anudu. That's mainly for reasons of different taste and directions. However, Marco and Daniel will still continue to work with her, so if you liked Anudu's previous material, you may check back into this news section from time to time, to look for the name of the new project with new songs, featuring Manuela's lyrics and vocals.

Due to that, the lyrics section got cut down to the song lyrics which are actually not written by Manuela. Anyway, the album Wings Out of Shadows is still for sale, but there are only a plenty of songs left.

Of course, the band wishes the very best to Manuela and her new ventures.

Anudu welcomes the new vocalist Patrick Perkuhn. The band has some practice working together with Patrick, and we all think that it might work out well.

The new roadmap looks as follow:
the band will...
  • ...acquire professional recording equipment.
  • out the new songs like Ionstorm, Grab Your Heart, Paradise, Tell Tale Heart etc.
  • ...acquire new material. hopes to be able to offer some material of the new lineup very soon! Check back for news about this!

    Tuesday, April 16, 2002 new interview
    A new interview with vocalist-for-the-time-being Patrick Perkuhn is up! Check it out!

    Friday, April 12, 2002 new song
    Marco wrote another song, called Paradise. This one goes out to all of these idiotic suicide bombers and terrorists we have to hear from each and every day in the news.

    Sunday, April 07, 2002 progress report
    During Manuela's stay in hospital, the band works together with a new singer: Patrick Perkuhn.

    Though the band, of course, wishes the very best to Manuela, the work with Patrick has a positive effect on the creativness and motivation of the band! Tell Tale Heart sounds almost completely different, if sung by a male. The same goes for Grab Your Heart. And although it demands hell a lot from Patrick's voice, the band started to work on the practical achieve to Ionstorm!

    We all hope that can convey some samples of this, shortly!

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