Saturday, May 26, 2001 dElAY
Hold on! Wait a minute... Although the band is longing for another studio session, Braun Studios are stuck in a whole big bunch of work, including the remastering of the already new recorded Anudu hits. We have to be patient, it seems.

Ultra Hot News: due to the new recordings, the Album Wings Out of Shadows gets a new tracklist even with previously unreleased songs! Here it is, exclusively for you:

1. Call of Light(formerly known as 'Agony')
2. This Life(new version)
3. Pointless(new version)
4. Lucky and Free(new version)
5. God Has Left for Good(new version)
6. I Love You(previously unreleased song)
7. Baby Mine(new version)
8. Don't Hurt Me(new version)
9. Abuse(new version)
10. Wings Out of Shadows(new version)
11. Wish(new version)
12. Lonesome(new version)
13. Rondo Alla Turca(Bonus Track/Mozart Cover)

That is the tracklisting, so far. The exact order may change till the final release! The songs Pessimist and Barbie will not be on this one.

Sunday, May 13, 2001 new ground
Due to some time and schedule problems, productions at Braun Studios delay a bit.

Anyway, the old Anudu songs may now also be downloaded at You have the option to review some songs, so do it today! Click here!

Tuesday, May 08, 2001 nostalgic!?

Yes, that's the kind of criticism, that will be forwarded to the band! Allright! Six songs to go, till the Wings Out of Shadows Album is completely rerecorded and enhanced!

The new recorded songs will replace the old ones completely. Means: the old songs will be lost forever! So, take this opportunity and grab the old recordings while you can! Click here NOW!

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