Sigh No More

Hey you, little fellow, sigh no more
You even won't remember what this was for
All you can say: a waste of time!
Some things in life don't work out at all
But I don't see no reason for you to crawl
So eat this command: get up and stand!

Everyone around has been through this
And noone would admit it's been a bliss
So give a fuck and
Tell me that you don't care at all!

So don't give a shit, so don't even care
Life's too short, please be aware
That depressions will not fade upon a prayer!

The moments in life, some good and some bad
Give a shit, at least you have had
Nice experience that others did not have at all

Sigh no more!

People tend to think just of the good
You must try this too, at least you should
So listen this song, this can't be wrong!

And as well I know you need some backup
Even if you think I'd better shut up
Come'n eat this command: get up and stand!

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