Memories of a different life
Fill my heart with pain
Feels like dying, feels like bleeding
But noone sees my blood
All the tears I've cried in an endless fight
They keep raining down on me
Cannot see no ray of light and
I'm 'bout to give up

So I wave goodbye
It bears a bitter cry
Down on my knees
I will pray - for the fallen tears

Can't you see the horizon?
A virgin sky touch the mountain!
Leave this lake full of tears
And with it your mourn, grief and fears

Raise your eyes for tomorrow
Go and forget all your sorrow
Trust me and give me your hand
And we'll walk into the promised land

But don´t forget your past, keep it in your mind
Save and treasure it inside
Without pain and suffering
There´s no joy and no luck

Another time will come, another dreadful fight,
But your war is not yet lost!
The future lies ahead so bright
So go and grab it - leave the night!

And here fades the rain
I feel my heart again
Maybe life goes on
And maybe soon... it will be like once...

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