Keep Shining

While I'm staring out
Of the window at the trees
Can't help myself - I've seen your face somewhere

Was not long ago
But some time has passed away
I got used to live without you by my side

And the picture of your smile
Makes me happy for a while
'cause I know, maybe right now
You're feeling lucky, somehow

Everything around
Reminds me just of you
Every memory stings right into my heart

If I had a wish
I would wish you all the best
And I'd wish that all my nightmares went away

But I can't change like things are
So I'm taking this guitar
And tell you once a while
That I'm missing your smile

Somebody take my tortured soul
And tear it free from all my pain
But like I wish to turn back time
This is a wish that won't come true

Keep shining, keep flying
You know I can't stop loving you

Keep smiling, keep laughing
And laugh for me too

Things are left to say
But you're about to go your way
A way without me and I know that's what you do

I cannot say enough, I fear
But these the words you need to hear
You will be on my mind the day that I will leave

So baby, as you walk alone
Please watch your step and watch your back
And sometimes, as you hear bells chime
Think about me and our time!

When I think that I will never again
Hold you close to me, babe, then
I'm just a shadow of a man

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