Dont Care

You know, baby, I thought a lot about us during the last days
But as we can't talk, that's why I wrote this song

Our love, oh baby
So delightful, now so far away
But I can still remember every day

The reason why you left my life
That you did not want to be my wife
It hurts me but I think I understand

Our past, so bright!
As you left me there remained just a black hole in my life
And it don't feels like it's fading once away
And once again, I'm on my own
But I'm not used to live alone
And that feeling's gonna kill me, baby!

All that's left now is my broken heart
And my memories tear it apart
Things are getting worse by every day

The only way to make it through
Is the letter that I write to you
I hope that it will make you understand

Now what we leave behind in prime
Are the memories of a different time
Tell me if they're worth to keep them in?!

All the lousy agony
Was it worth just for this memory?
I ask myself what did I lose or win!

Heartache pills
And a funny I-Don't-Care-disguise(TM)
A breakup and we go our seperate ways
I think "allright,
Turn off the light
the show has ended here,
so let's go and grab another beer."

sento la morte
se penso all' passato
piove da que'll tempo mi hai lasciato

sole che non vedo piu
mi fa male nell cuore
e mi butta giu

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