Dear Audrey,

I just wanted
to say hello to you.
You don't return my calls,
don't answer my mails too.
I don't know you that well,
'cause we only briefly met.
But still it's kinda hard
for me just to forget.
You live 400 miles away but are still comfort on my mind.
Why don't we walk towards each other and see what we might find?
But now I just sit around waiting to hear from you,
or run around in circles not knowing what to do.

So should I give it up,
let you shine in the past,
when it's always the small things
that last?
It's hard to decide,
'cause though you are gone,
you are the one I have
a Crush on

I know that every shit
happens for a reason,
but I imagine all the things
that could have been done:
Bury our toes in warm sand,
fall in love with the blue sky,
and for an everlasting moment
together we would fly.
We watch the sun go down, watch the sky as it gets dark,
make a picnic on the moon, build you a necklace out of stars.
I take you back to your home, when the sun starts to go up,
watch the steam off your breath, can feel the beat of your heart.

In winter we would form
angels in the snow.
For long walks through the woods
we would go.
With open mouths we'd chase
after a snowflake.

Each day would be like
our first date.

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